The NanNuk Story

NanNuk is now six years old, and he’s a great dog for the Christmas tree farm. We adopted him three years ago, when he was three years old. His family had to give him up due to a work-related relocation.

He grew up around small children, so he gets so excited when the little guys come to the farm. He can hardly wait to get his harness and leash on so that he can check out what they’re doing. He’s so gentle and sweet with the children, sometimes he even lays down so that he’s on their level because he knows that his size can be intimidating sometimes.

White Dog Farms Nuk and Andy 12-2-17 White Dog Farms Nuk and girl with pink boots 11023017 White Dog Farms Nuk Emma 12-2-17 White Dog Farms Nuk getting rubs 11-4-17 White Dog Farms Nuk in heaven two girls 11-10-17

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