How Does It Work?

If you’ve never been to a pick your own Christmas Tree Farm before, you might not know what to expect! You can tag your Christmas tree and pick it up at a later time, or you can choose it and take it home with you right away.

Either way the process starts with a tag – we’ll give you either a two-part or three-part tag, you walk the farm until you find a Christmas tree that you like, then you tie the main part of the tag to a tree branch at eye level.

If you’re taking your Christmas tree home that day, you’ll use the two-part tag and hold onto it until your tree is cut and bagged. Then we’ll match up the numbers to ensure that you get the correct tree!

If you’re tagging it for pick up later, you’ll write down your contact info on the bottom part of the tag and give it to us. You’ll keep the middle section. When you’re ready for the tree, we’ll match up all three sections once again to make sure you’re getting the right tree.

Here's a sample of the two and three part Christmas tree tags.

Here’s a sample of the two and three part Christmas tree tags.

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