Farm Visit Tips

Here are a few tips for a fun Christmas tree farm experience:

1. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather – you’ll be outside for a while, and there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through your tree search and realizing you left your hat and mittens at home.

2. It’s a good idea to wear sturdy walking shoes on the farm. Our farm is long and narrow, and if you walk all the way to the back in your search for the perfect tree, it could take you almost 10 minutes (it‘s good exercise ?).

3. Make sure to visit when you aren’t rushed for time – our trees are cut to order, so depending on the time of day and the number of people who were here before you, you might experience a wait.

Need to insert a little footnote here – if it’s busy, and you’d like to come back a little later to pick up your tree, there are a ton of places close by where you can get a bite to eat, have a cup of hot chocolate, a glass of wine or beer, or do some shopping. We have maps of the downtown area and would be happy to give you a few suggestions – just ask!

4. Please make sure to keep your furry family members on a leash and be prepared to clean up any “presents” they might leave behind. ???

5. Look for trees that don’t already have a tag on them. You can choose any tree you find out there as long as it doesn’t already have a tag on it. ?❄️❄️?

6. Be sure to check in at the little red building before you head out into the trees – you’ll need a tag and a map.

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