Bugs on my Christmas Tree – What?!?

Every Christmas tree can harbor insects that could become active after being exposed to the warm temperatures inside the home. Although many will stay on the tree, a few may be attracted to sources of light, including windows. But none of these accidental introductions are a threat to your home, its contents, or occupants.

Preventing introduction of these “pests” into your home is the best, and easiest, plan. Mechanical tree shakers, like the one we use here at the farm, are useful in removing some insects from the trees. Vigorously shaking the tree before bringing it into your home will serve the same purpose, and will also remove any loose needles.

Aerosol insect sprays are flammable and should NOT be sprayed on the Christmas tree. Insects occurring on the tree should be left there until the tree is removed. Any that collect on ceilings, walls, or windows can be eliminated with a vacuum cleaner. It is important to remember that these “critters” are normally found outdoors, on live trees. Warm temperatures, low humidity and lack of food will usually kill these invaders in a short time.

Here’s a great article from the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences that explains what you can do if any of these critters become active in your home.

Concolor fir needles in the frost.

Concolor fir needles in the frost.


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