How Does This Work

When you come to the farm, the first question we’ll ask is “are you taking your tree today or are you tagging?”

If you are tagging and picking up another day, we’ll give you a three part tag along with a pen and an idea of where you might find the type and size of tree you’re looking for. You will wander around until you find the perfect tree, hang part of the tag on the tree, and mark down the row number on the other part of the tag. You’ll give that part of the tag to us along with your info and you keep the other part.

If you are taking your tree, we’ll give you a flag and off you’ll go. Once you find a tree, you’ll wave the flag and we’ll be there to cut it as quickly as we can. Once it’s cut, it’s off to Lil’l Shakee.

So what’s the deal with Lil’l Shakee – what’s the purpose? Your tree might have some loose needles or other stuff on the branches that you don’t want to bring into the house. So Lil’l Shakee gives the tree a good shake for a few seconds and the stuff drops off – yesterday we had a little birds nest shake out (don’t worry, it was empty).

Once your tree has been thoroughly shaken, it’s time for netting. The tree goes through the cylinder and is encased in a nylon mesh. This makes it easier to transport and bring into your home because the branches are confined. As soon as you cut off the mesh the branches will fall back into place.

Once the tree is netted, we’ll put the tree on or in your vehicle and you’ll be on your way.
White Dog Farms Netting a tree

White Dog Farms Little Shakee

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